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 Riccardo Del Conte, Dario Neira, Domenico Olivero, Sophie Usunier –

In Turin, in Via Sansovino appointment with the silente

Title of the artshow: SILERE (BE SILENT) curated by Claudio Cravero
Opening: on Friday March 9th 2007, from 6.30 at the Factory Building in Via Sansovino 217
Time : from March 10th to 31st, Tue – Fri, 3.30pm – 7pm
Free entrance.
On Friday March 9th 2007, before occupying by new companies some spaces of the Factory building located in Via Sansovino in Turin, Cantiere48 presents a group art show titled SILERE. The title comes from a Latin suggestion “BE SILENT” and in the art show it is conceived round the body and the verb. In fact, in these industrial areas under transformation four young artists reflect through the silence on the individual and his borders as search of a place in which the silence can become word.
The artists of SILERE are: Riccardo Del Conte, Dario Neira, Domenico Olivero e Sophie Usunier.

The art show is made possible thanks to the sponsorship and support of Edilmar, Ditto Consult, LunaBianca Italy s.r.l., TEKNE.

Place of expo: Torino in via Sansovino217 – 10151 Torino
Timetable : 10th to 31st March 2007
Schedule: from the Wednesday to Friday – 3,30 to 7 pm .

For all contacts and information: cantiere48, via Sansovino 217, 10151, Torino
T +39 011.735515 E press@cantiere48.com www.cantiere48.com